We are living in the golden years of sexual empowerment! There is a sex toy for everyone and nobody should feel left out of the revolution! Despite this, shopping for the right sex toy can feel a little overwhelming, especially when you are just beginning your collection. (One is never enough!) My product review videos are just the thing to help you find your perfect vibe!

As a Sex Therapist, I professionally review each product to help you find your ideal vibe! I dive into detail about the pleasure zones the toy targets and I highlight the ways to experience pleasure from it. My goal is to help you explore your body, embrace your inner sexuality, and of course, help you achieve the pleasure you are looking for!

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Dr. Mindy

All About the Mens Wand

Dr. Mindy thoughtfully breaks down the latest and greatest on our Mens Wand and its attachments.

The Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand

Dr. Mindy elaborates on our compact, elegant Luxe Mini Wand, discussing its features and benefits.

The Bodywand Luxe 2-Way Wand

Dr. Mindy discusses the dual benefits of the Luxe 2-Way Wand, including its two independent motors that can be used at once.

The Bodywand Curve

Dr. Mindy introduces the Bodywand Curve wand and its included attachment, and the Curve’s 8 vibration patterns and 8 levels of power.

Meet The Date Night Collection

Dr. Mindy points out perks and ways to use the various vibes in our Date Night product line.

All About The Versawand

Dr Mindy discusses the unique benefits regarding deep-tissue muscle relaxation with our best-selling Versawand.

Reviewing the Get Vibn’ Line

Dr. Mindy goes over the various, conveniently-sized products in our Get Vibn’ collection.

The Original Bodywand Plug-In Massager

Dr. Mindy makes great points and offers tricks and tips about this uniquely functional, best-selling Bodywand.

What is the Vibro Kiss?

Dr. Mindy gives her take on the unique suction function of this USB-rechargeable, splashproof kissing vibe.

All About The Dual Stim Vario

Dr. Mindy talks about maximizing pleasure from this dual-ended, multi-function Bodywand.